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We are proud of the relationships we build and the quality of the NDT services we provide for our clients. Please read the following references and testimonials obtained from our clients.

With reference to the successful completion of the modernization project of boilers K6 and K9 at EC3 Veolia CHP plant in Lodz, we would like to extend our appreciation to LBNiW for over a year support and professional cooperation in the area of non-destructive testing during the project execution.

The LBNiW’s team demonstrated professional competence in their field of work. They have a well-qualified staff, experienced management, and adequate technical and organizational resources for the accomplishment of inspection tasks in the specialized industrial construction environment.

In conjunction with the good organization of work and close cooperation with our management team and other companies working on site resulted in a diligent and timely performance of tasks.

The scope of work included:
• Examinations and diagnostic measurements on live steam pipelines in accordance with our inspection plan
• Examinations and diagnostic measurements on feedwater pipelines in accordance with our inspection plan
• Examinations and diagnostic measurements on selected pipe fittings in accordance with our inspection plan
• A comprehensive non-destructive examination programme for our subcontractor Bilfinger Duro Dakovic Montaza during the installation of the pressure parts of the boilers.

All these tasks have been performed in a professional manner, on schedule and have been of a good standard of quality. The testing documentation has been accepted and approved by UDT (notified body) without any reservations.

Based on LBNiW’s successful execution of this inspection programme we have no hesitation in recommending them as a solid and reliable NDT contractor for large-scale investment projects in the energy sector.

Jacek Papina,
Project Manager – Bilfinger Babcock Borsig Steinmüller GmbH
We at PGE EC Zgierz have maintained a professional relationship with LBNiW for 3 years. I have nothing but praise for how they deliver NDT services on time and within budget. I very much appreciate the professional manner in which they conduct business. Communication is clear, challenges are identified and addressed quickly and proficiently, their competent staff has a strong focus on safety and delivering reliable test results.
Robert Pękala,
Maintenance Manager — PGE EC Zgierz
We are pleased to provide this reference letter for LBNiW. They have successfully managed the NDT inspection programme during the installation of two steam generators at Veolia’s thermal power plant in Łódź – Poland from December 2014 to November 2015.

LBNiW’s performance on this project was very successful. There was a spirit of cooperation and partnering throughout and working with LBNiW has been a very positive experience. The team demonstrated superb skills and dedication and was backed by a field-experienced and mission-oriented management. From day one, LBNiW managed the inspection programme to hit every deadline and maintain high inspection rate over this long-term project despite short RT window. Overall their knowledgeable inspectors handled themselves professionally and were always available to assist in our QA process. We relied on their accurate and timely reporting to control our production schedule.

LBNiW’s scope of work comprised code compliant inspection of pressure part of the boilers including radiographic testing of 4700+ welds, ultrasonic testing of 1100+ welds, magnetic particle testing of 1400+ welds, hardness testing of 1200+ welds, and positive material identification of 200+ inspection points.

We are very satisfied with their service as all inspections were delivered on-time, within budget, and with no safety incidents.

Based on our experience with the LBNiW, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any organization looking for a reliable NDT service provider. LBNiW is a professional company that has the ability and resources to handle inspection projects of considerable size and complexity.

Bojan Jurakić,
Technical Project Manager - Bilfinger Duro Dakovic Montaza d.o.o.

I was very pleased with LBNiW’s responsiveness and service. They quickly returned the NDT bid which turn out to be a very good value. After signing the contract, they came on site and got up to speed with little direction from us. They accomplished all the inspections on schedule and within our project budget. They were attentive to all documentation and worked to keep an aggressive schedule. They are exactly the kind of NDT contractor we prefer at Virtor Oy. They excel at safety, the quality of inspection work is always very high, and the professionalism of the people made it very easy to work with their team.

Thank you for the terrific crew that have worked on our project.

Bo Vigren,
Project Manager - Virtor Oy

This letter of recommendation is to acknowledge the professionalism and quality of workmanship demonstrated by LBNiW while working with us on the Montes del Plata (MdP) industrial project in Uruguay from April of 2012 until March of 2014.

We were very satisfied with LBNiW’s past performance during another large-scale construction project in Uruguay, so when we were awarded this pulp mill contract, LBNiW was our first choice for non-destructive testing services. As we expected, they did an excellent job this time as well.

LBNiW performed for us an extensive testing of pipe welds throughout the entire construction site. More than 3000 stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium pipe welds ranging from DN15 up to DN1800 and falling into all PED classifications, were x-rayed by them. Additionally, about 150 welds were inspected utilizing ultrasonic testing and many others with penetrant testing. All these tests have been performed on site in Uruguay and are in addition to the tests LBNiW performed for us in Germany during the prefabrication stage. LBNiW also carried out all required non-destructive testing on the tanks our company erected on the site. The combination of radiographic testing, penetrant testing and vacuum box testing was utilized for inspection of 15 stainless steel storage tanks with capacity ranging from 900m3 to 5000m3.

We were very pleased with LBNiW’s responsiveness and service. They’ve met all our quality requirements and successfully completed all inspections on time and on the budget. They presented great attention to safety and reliable service. Scheduling was seamless and the management was always accommodating to our needs on the project. Frequent changes/additions to their daily scope of work due to unforeseen events or our changing priorities were always handled by the LBNiW team with confidence and efficiency, allowing these to fit into our tight timeline. Their inspectors were proactive with a generally good team spirit which made the NDT work go very smoothly. Their crew interacted professionally with all site departments demonstrating excellent knowledge, experience and communication. The control of the paperwork and subsequent reporting has been very good indeed.

The impressive part of working with LBNiW on MdP project was their flexibility to respond to our changing needs throughout the project. At the early stage, for example, not only they provided the service in Uruguay, but also sent an extra team with equipment to our shop in Germany to perform x-rays on pipe prefabrication spools, which helped us in expediting the work. During peak months when installation and erection activities in Uruguay demanded increased volume of testing LBNiW sent over additional resources to keep the inspection schedule on track. They were also very accommodating towards the end of the project when the volume of testing dropped. They reduced and re-arranged their teams so we and their other clients on the site could enjoy a good service till the very end of the project.

It has been a pleasure to work with the LBNiW team on this high profile project, and we are looking forward to working with them on our future ventures.

Marko Schanzenberg,
Project Manager - Butting GmbH & Co KG
Thank you for the good working relationship over the last 7 years, for the support as well as for all the help which we received from your team. Your NDT personnel is always well trained and professional. We consider LBNiW to be a preferred NDT contractor.
Krzysztof Stępień,
Plant Maintenance Manager - Mars Poland
On behalf of, KRESTA Industries we wish to take this opportunity to thank LBNiW for the very professional non-destructive testing services and support we received from them during Montes del Plata (MdP) industrial construction project in Uruguay from November 2012 till March 2014.

LBNiW’s scope of work included very extensive x-ray radiographic testing of welds of three PED class 4 duplex pressure vessels with capacity ranging from 900m3 to 1600m3. They also inspected 22 storage tanks, both carbon and stainless steel. The average capacity of these tanks was 8000m3 and included several pulp towers with a capacity ranging from 10000m3 to 13500m3. Finally, LBNiW performed radiographic and ultrasonic testing of pressure piping welds in Turbine Generators’ building. All NDT work was carried out in accordance with respective European norms employing the combination of radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, vacuum box testing and visual examination.

LBNiW exceeded our expectations for timing, quality of work, and an overall value of their services. We were particularly impressed with their responsiveness and willingness to help. It was a critical moment when we requested their services. Our previous NDT provider was falling behind with the work which led to a significant backlog in weld inspections and delaying our work. The backlog was successfully cleared once LBNiW took over and NDT works remained on schedule till the end of the project.

LBNiW’s management was very accommodating with work planning and coordination, making our schedule their own. They demonstrated professionalism and a high level of experience with handling large volumes of NDT work spread across various locations of this immense construction site. They were also well versed in codes, standards, and requirements pertaining to inspections of pressure vessels, industrial piping, and storage tanks.

Execution of work was seamless. They put together a team of very experienced, skilled and professional inspectors second to none I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They were extremely diligent and committed individuals who worked at a very steady pace with the utmost respect for each other and numerous other ongoing construction activities in terms of safety and staying on schedule.

Follow-up documentation was very complete and easy to manage, so closing this project was simple considering the magnitude and complexity of the work.

In the end, this project was completed in a timely fashion, within budget, and to our highest satisfaction. It was extremely easy to work with them.

Once again, thank you for the NDT services you provided for our project. We will definitely look forward to working with you in the future.

Mario Brunner,
Project Manager - KRESTA Anlagenbau GesmbH Nfg & Co KG

LBNiW has proven, over the 10 years that we have utilized their services, to be a safe and reliable source for NDT services. They have successfully provided NDT support during numerous boiler maintenance repairs and rebuild projects that we performed for Dalkia Łódź S.A. They have the ability and resources to handle inspection projects of considerable size and complexity, as well as emergency breakdowns requiring rapid response.

LBNiW’s managers are seasoned, knowledgeable, and resourceful. All critical attributes in order to finish jobs in a quality, professional, and timely manner in a power generation mill environment.

Krzysztof Mańkowski,
Managing Director — Zakład Kotlarski Łódź
We brought LBNiW to Uruguay for the first time in 2006 to help us with the NDT work during the erection of multiple storage tanks and one massive pressure vessel on Botnia’s Fray Bentos Pulp Mill.

When you bring in a new contractor there’s often a lot of handholding, but we turned them loose and they did an outstanding job with very little interaction from us. LBNiW’s quality workmanship and professionalism showed throughout all aspects on this project. Their inspectors were knowledgeable, proactive, and it was very easy to work with them.

LBNiW performed a comprehensive weld integrity testing of the 4,000m3 PED class IV duplex pressure vessel which included 100% x-ray and extensive penetrant testing. Additionally, they conducted the inspection of welded joints of the 8 storage tanks by means of RT, UT, PT, and MT. There were 2 large storage tanks with the capacity of 10,000m3 each and a couple of smaller tanks.

Once again, thank you for the support you provided for our project. We will definitely look forward to working with you in the future.

Tero Vilhu,
Project Manager – VIAFIN Terastorni Oy
Our experience with LBNiW has been very good. Their well-skilled and professional employees have a strong focus on quality, schedules and safety. Their emergency responses have been quick and effective.
Jerzy Nychowski,
Plant Maintenance Manager – Dalkia Łódź
I recommend LBNiW without qualification. We have always enjoyed the quality, timeliness, and professionalism of their NDT services.
Włodzimierz Pryczek,
Research & Development Division Manager — Institute of Power Engineering Łódź